Choosing the Cruise Ship

By on 1-28-2014 in Traveling

Choosing just the right cruise ship to match your needs is about the most important thing you have to consider when thinking of going on a cruise ship vacation. Just like choosing a date, there are certain general criteria that need to be met in order for there to be any chance of having a good time.

There are several factors that impact the choice of cruise ship. The most crucial factor is the purpose of the trip. Is it for a honeymoon? Is it the first or second? Is it for a family vacation? For self-exploration? As a reward for a job well-done? Perhaps it is a chance to do some serious gambling. Whatever the reason, it will determine what amenities the cruise ship has to have to satisfy the needs of the cruiser.

The next question would be who is going. If it is a family vacation, are the children very young, teenagers, or young adults? Are the parents senior citizens, middle-aged, or young? If going solo or with friends, what are the ages and status? Should there be a lively nightlife, or is it more important to have mascots on board?

There are cruises that are adults-only, which is ideal for passengers who are single, who plan to gamble, and those on a romantic stint. They would have a well-stocked bar, charming restaurants, casino, and a variety of shops, spas, and salons. There would also be a lot of opportunities for mixing and matching for those looking to renew connections or make new ones.

There are also cruise ships that are well-equipped to handle the demands of very young children and active teenagers with ample outdoor activities and indoor entertainment.  Such crew ships would have computer games, movie showings, and sports for all ages. And then there are cruises for those seeking adventures in exotic places. These cruisers are more likely to spend most of their time and energy on shore excursions than sunbathing on the lido deck or shopping in onboard establishments.

When choosing what cruise to go on, it is important to first determine the kind of cruise ship will fit your requirements as well as your budget. Once you have done this, it should be easy to narrow down your choices.

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